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Friday, November 24, 2017
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Automatic Offering Program

July 20, 2010
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Monson is gifted to have talented and dedicated members who see the Call that God has placed on the heart of HIS church and its community. Because of you, we are able to offer God to the people inside and outside of our four walls. These ministries take not only your hard work and dedication but also money to make them happen. 
Monson church is only able to pay bills, support programs and provide Care to the Community because of your faithful commitments to God and ministry. We appreciate everything our community is able to offer. We appreciate you and your commitment to God.
As many of us know, the world is constantly changing. Many people no longer have check books or walk around with large sums of cash. Likewise many of our members pay everything through automatic payments or with a debit card. As we continue to grow our community we recognize the need to offer several opportunities to allow you to make your faithful offering to God and his Kingdom.
As discussed during the recent Church worship services discussing “IT”, Monson is offering automatic withdrawal of funds to the congregation. This will allow you to make your offering even on the Sundays that you cannot attend service. 
Below (in the PDF attachment) is an authorization form for automatic withdrawal of your offering. This is a service that is free to the congregation and you can elect to have it withdrawn monthly (on the 1st of each month), semi-monthly (on the 1st and 15th of each month), or weekly (every Monday). All information provided on the form is confidential and the service is provided through a secure source.
If you change banks or account information please let us know as soon as possible as a returned fund will cost the Church more than a change in your account or a cancellation in the withdrawal. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kathy Malstaff Brew at
In HIS Service,
Pastor Tim and Kathy Malstaff Brew 

Click on the Link below to open the PDF Automatic offering payment form.
Print the form out. 
Fill in the required information and place it in an envelope marked attn: Ashley Dentino.
Place the envelope in the offering plate when you attend worship.
If you need to install Adobe Reader, click on the Adobe Reader Link and download the free Software.