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Friday, November 24, 2017
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Cross in My Pocket

Welcome to The Cross in My Pocket
A ministry of love from Monson Westside Ministries
The Cross in My Pocket ministry was started by Richard High
a former Monson CommUnity Church member who was inspired by Verna Mae Thomas' The Cross in My Pocket.
 That passion allowed the church to purchase its own
Punch Press and Dies to produce the Pocket Cross that we hand out.
We previously would purchase each of the cross's we handed out.
But when we were no longer able to buy them, we decided to make our own cross.

We will send a free cross to all who request one.
We will send them anywhere in the world.
Please feel free to request your free cross below.

1 Free Cross per address and household!
For additional Cross in My Pockets, please contact us via e-mail  -
by clicking on this email request form : The Cross in My Pocket


I carry this cross around to know that Christ is near
A little reminder of the life he gave to the people he held dear
I could have lovely diamonds or pearls but it wouldn’t be the same
They are a thing of beauty but the savior knows my name
I don’t want to flaunt this cross but be a token of simple wear
And if you ask why I present this Christian symbol I will tell you how I care
The blue skies we wake to each morning and the sunshine so bright
Our gift of life once again through the heaven’s almighty light
Remembering the cross giving us a forgiven glance
Of our savior suffering giving us a second chance
So I keep my cross in my pocket for me alone to praise
But if you wish to share my faith feel free to come my way.
Written for the Monson Pocket Cross Ministry by Beverly Bucher © 2007 


When I say, "I am a Christian"
I'm not shouting, "I’ve been saved!"
I'm whispering, "I get lost!
That's why I chose this way"
 When I say, "I am a Christian"
I don't speak with human pride
I'm confessing that I stumble—
Needing God to be my guide
When I say, "I am a Christian"
I'm not trying to be strong
I'm professing that I'm weak
And pray for strength to carry on
When I say, "I am a Christian"
I'm not bragging of success
I'm admitting that I've failed
And cannot ever pay the debt
When I say, "I am a Christian"
I don't think I know it all
I submit to my confusion
Asking humbly to be taught
 When I say, "I am a Christian"
I'm not claiming to be perfect
My flaws are all too visible
But God believes I'm worth it
When I say, "I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain
I have my share of heartache,
Which is why I seek His name
When I say, "I am a Christian"
I do not wish to judge
I have no authority...
I only know I'm loved
Used by Permission
Copyright 1988 Carol Wimmer