This is not the church your grandma and grandpa attended.
The Church for All People
Sunday, April 20, 2014
meets at the Commons in South Bend

Church for All People - South Bend

Church for all People

   Gathers on Sunday

at 11:15 AM for family worship. 

this is not the church grandpa and grandma went to!

        Please contact us if you have questions or like to talk.

The United Methodist

Church for All People - South Bend

Monson Westside Ministries, Inc.
4319 West Western Ave  
South Bend, IN 46619 
Pastor Tim Aydelotte 574-850-7053

meets at


 at Centre West. 


Reaching out to our

friends on the

West side of South Bend, IN.

Our Core Values:
All people are loved by God just the way they are.
All people are welcome.
All people desire inclusive community.
All people desire relevant worship.
All people seek hope and healing.
All people have within themselves the God-given
power to improve their lives.
All people have gifts to give and a desire to serve.
All people desire affirmation.
All people are capable of being transformed by God,
in and through Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                                                              Mail Address: PO Box 1474  Granger, In. 46530


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